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Excello Law was created as a direct result of extensive research undertaken by the founder, George Bisnought. The research culminated in a business law firm fit for the 21st Century. Excello Law does not have the excesses associated with traditional law firms so that we can deliver quality legal services to businesses in a cost effective way.

A virtual law firm

Our structure is the key to the delivery of our service. We have dispensed with the expensive overheads that our clients tell us they do not need. This means that we do not operate out of a central office or engage teams of support staff to deliver the mail or handle our calls. Excello Law comprises of a team of experienced lawyers who work from their home offices, clients’ offices or make use of satellite office facilities across the country. When you instruct a lawyer at Excello Law you will only deal with a lawyer.  We are supported by the latest technology to ensure our services are efficient and prompt. By working in this way, we are able to provide our clients actual value for their money with an exceptional and truly responsive legal service.

Experienced, proactive and ambitious lawyers

Our structure is only part of the equation. Our lawyers are commercially experienced professionals. They have either trained or worked in the City or for large regional commercial law firms. Our rigorous recruitment process ensures that they meet our exacting criteria of excellence. We look for decisive, proactive and dynamic individuals who will provide the quality of service expected and help you to exceed your business objectives.

Excello Law prides itself on its refreshing approach, which equates to value, quality and accessibility delivered by skilled, professional and commercial lawyers.

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