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In-House Services

Excello Law’s in-house legal service can offer a flexible, cost effective solution to meet your needs.

We offer two services.

First, we can provide you with a lawyer to work full or part-time within your business. With Excello Law’s in-house services your business will receive all the benefits associated with a highly experienced in-house lawyer but without the recruitment and other costs associated with hiring a permanent employee.

Secondly, for an agreed monthly fee we can provide you with access to a lawyer or lawyers for a period that suits you. This is your lawyer on demand but always at a pre-defined and predictable cost. Our in-house services mean that your employees can focus on their strengths, but always have access to legal support as and when required without fear of spiraling legal costs.

For more information on how an Excello Law in-house lawyer can meet your legal needs cost effectively, contact us.