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Legal Insights

Companies should review staffing structures after confusion over self-employment status

Posted by Karen Coleman in Excello Law Blogs on Tuesday 14th March 2017

Companies should urgently review the status of freelance workers following the Budget and recent court cases involving the “gig economy.” The 8 March Budget saw Chancellor Philip Hammond controversially increase National Insurance contributions for self-employed people, while recent high profile court rulings, involving businesses such as Uber and Pimlico Plumbers, have highlighted cases where people […]

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Law is playing catch-up with Internet of Things

Posted by Anthony Robinson in Excello Law Blogs on Monday 13th March 2017

Published in The Times Law Brief, Monday 13 March 2017 WikiLeaks’s latest dump of 9,000 CIA files revealed that US spies, in collusion with British intelligence services, had, as well as targeting smartphones and computers, developed a programme called Weeping Angel, which is allegedly able to turn a television set into a monitoring device – […]

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Heterosexual couple lose civil partnership case at Court of Appeal

Posted by Lindsay Yateman in Excello Law Blogs on Thursday 23rd February 2017

A couple from London, Ms Rebecca Steinfield and Mr Charles Keidan, recently lost their battle in the Court of Appeal, to enter into a civil partnership despite being a heterosexual couple. Civil Partnerships were introduced in 2004 to enable same sex couples to formalise their relationship and acquire legal rights a kin to marriage. The government […]

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Recent developments in Construction and Engineering Insurance Law

Posted by Ashok Ghosh in Excello Law Blogs on Wednesday 1st February 2017

  Synopsis The UK Supreme Court has, for the first time, considered the effect on an insurance claim of a “fraudulent device” – the embellishment of that claim. In doing so it has also clarified the ambit of the doctrine of utmost good faith which has for centuries underpinned UK insurance contracts. The extent of […]

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AI in the legal sector; debunking the myths

Posted by Robert Morley in Excello Law Blogs on Monday 23rd January 2017

Last year, artificial intelligence came of age – at least as far as the headline writers were concerned. It was almost impossible to look at any news media site or open a traditional newspaper without reading about the latest scare story of robots taking over from humans in a whole variety of jobs. Within twenty […]

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Discrimination in financial services and the role of the Financial Ombudsman Service

Posted by Anthony Robinson in Excello Law Blogs on Monday 19th December 2016

Published in FTSE Global Markets (19.12.16) and HRM Guide (December 2016) The provision of financial services is often spoken of in terms of cut-throat competition, consumer choice and the need to provide ever more exciting and innovative products. Whilst this undoubtedly forms a part of the landscape, ultimately much of the financial services marketplace is […]

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Will Brexit mean business as usual for employment law?

Posted by Michael Farrelly in Excello Law Blogs on Wednesday 16th November 2016

Published in Workplace Insight, November 2016 The decision by the UK electorate to leave the European Union has created widespread uncertainty in almost all areas of law, with employment law particularly affected. A large amount of present UK employment law has its base in EU law, which means a withdrawal from the EU could result […]

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